Specialty Tanks



Printing Your Certificate


If there are any problems and you are not able to print your Certificate of Completion you must contact the Department of Commerce.


1.           Printer: Be sure the printer you will use is powered on, operational, and has adequate supply of ink.  

2.           Number of Copies:

a.           Print one copy to be filed with the owner of your facility.

b.           Print one copy for each facility that you are responsible for.

c.           Be sure when your printing software asks you for the number of copies to print that you specify the correct amount that you need for your facility owner and for yourself.

3.           Paper: Make sure that the printer has a supply of normal sized paper (i.e. 8 1/2 inch by 11 inch).

4.           Color: If your printer prints in color, be sure to select the color option for printing your certificate. This is not necessary since the certificate can print in black and white, but color is preferred.

5.           Landscape: Printers are usually set to Portrait paper orientation by default. If you can, set this print to Landscape paper orientation. By using Landscape orientation your certificate will fill the page. With Portrait orientation your printed certificate will be smaller and fill only part of the page.


All ready and set? Then click the Print Certificate button below.

If necessary click the Print Certificate button to print again.


When you are finished, click the Home button to end the exam.