Certification Exam Summary


There are three certification exams. You only need to take and complete one of these three exams.

1.           Combined Class A & Class B Certification Exam: 60 questions

2.           Class A Operator Certification Exam: 40 questions

3.           Class B Operator Certification Exam: 50 questions


Based on your roles and responsibilities, you must decide which of these three certifications to pursue. Many individuals perform both the Class A Operator role and the Class B Operator role. In other words, they wear both of these hats. If you perform both of these roles then you may take the Combined Class A & B Certification Exam to be certified as both a Class A and as a Class B Operator. However if you perform only the Class A role or you only perform only the Class B, then you have the option to take the Class A Operator exam or the Class B Operator exam to be certified as one or the other but not both.

In the section 6. Certification Exam you will be presented with a set of three buttons like those to the right. Once you click a button that exam will begin immediately.


To receive certification you must correctly answer 90% or more of the questions on the exam. Your score and exam result (i.e. certified or not certified) is automatically provided to the Department of Commerce.


When your exam score is 90% or greater, the exam will display a Certificate of Completion on your screen similar to the image to the right. You must print the Certificate of Completion as it is your proof of certification. Further instructions are provided in the Certification Exam section.


If your score is less than 90% you may study the Training Course content and retake the Certification Exam again. Each time you take the exam, your score and exam result is provided to the Department of Commerce.